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As business become more and more challenging, finding skilled and quality service becomes a tedious task. In this scenario having a network of vendors offering various service and having years of experience at hand helps us to manage quality while ensuring our clients receive the best and quickest service levels possible. Kailashdev infrastructure operations are Across the country.

We have a Strict Vendors selection criteria and conform to ethical and stringent quality standards to ensure the best interests of all our stakeholders are met.

We Welcome qualified contractors, construction & design expert, suppliers or any other player to compete for business opportunity with Kailashdev infrastructure India private limited. We provides you the opportunity to share your expertise and develop a platform for long lasting collaboration.

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1. Registration is not a guarantee of business, nor does is confer on your company any status as a vendor of Kailashddev Infrastructure India private limited. May accept or reject the application without assigning any reason.

2. All discussion between kailashdev infrastructure India private limited and the Registering company and the information contained in the documents shall be confidential.

3. Registering Company confirms that, it is not involved in any economic offence, tax default or moral turpitude.

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